#81 Potent Alternatives to the Use of Authority

Potent Alternatives to the Use of Authority

In the previous blog I outlined five practices that sustain the power of authority for positive and constructive uses. In this blog I explore in a more focused manner the relationship between authority and power, and suggest two ways that skilled authoritarians can best use their power. I have observed … Continue reading

#79 Five Practices For Sustaining Positive Use Of Authority

Five Practices for Sustaining Positive Use of Authority

A coach has authority over members of a team. If people report to you in the workplace then you have authority. In a family, parents usually have significant authority over their children until they no longer live together. By authority I mean a position in society, an organization, or a … Continue reading

#43 Power Down: Share Power To Level The Playing Field With Subordinates

In the previous blog I wrote about how to advance your interests when dealing with someone who has authority over you. In this blog, I will present some perspectives on how to encourage your subordinates to open up with you and provide you with valuable feedback. Most of us have … Continue reading

#42 Power Up: How To Level The Playing Field When The Other Person Has More Authority Than You Do

Participants in my classes will frequently ask how to work with someone who has more power than they do. This question often refers to someone who has more authority. Authority is only one form of power and when we view it as absolute it will blind us to other sources … Continue reading

#34 What Is Power?

In interpersonal relationships, power is frequently defined as the capacity to produce a particular outcome. Last year I followed a discussion thread in a Harvard Business Review (HBR) LinkedIn group devoted to defining power. The vast majority of the thousands of people who put forth a definition described power in … Continue reading

#19 How Trustworthy Is That Person? Four Considerations

  In my first blog on trust I introduced five faces of trust. Integrity is probably the face of trust that we most often relate to.  It involves relying on people behaving and acting in the way that they present themselves to us. In The Truth about Trust David DeSteno … Continue reading

#12 Increase Your Power at Negotiation

  I am using the term ‘negotiation’ broadly, applying it to a wide variety of situations where groups or individuals are seeking an agreement. Central elements of a negotiation are similar whether it is a personal relationship, a business arrangement, or a diplomatic issue between nations. In all of these … Continue reading