#46 The Five Parts Of Us Impacted By Conflict

We have different parts to ourselves: body, mind, emotion, spirit, and heart. Conflict impacts some or all of these five parts of us. In the previous blog I wrote that we must communicate from the part that has been impacted in order to address the effects of conflict on that … Continue reading

#45 How To Bring Spirit and Heart To Your Conflicts

We each have different parts to ourselves such as body, mind, emotion, spirit and heart. These are the parts of a person Ken Cloke describes in his book The Crossroads of Conflict. By spirit I think Ken means intention and life energy; and by heart, the place where love resides … Continue reading

#32 The Internalizing Conversation

Last time I wrote about how shifting some attention to yourself can help resolve a dispute. I used the example practice of clarifying your preferred direction in life then assessing whether your engagement in a conflict is consistent with movement in the desired direction. In this blog I will outline … Continue reading

#26 The Dark Side of Human Nature: Jian Gomeshi, Psychopaths, The Nazi Doctors, and Me

Whether CBC radio host Jian Gomeshi assaulted his dates as alleged or not, we know that there are people who do. A positive that has arisen from Jian’s fall is the ensuing discourse on and off-line about the dark side of human nature. Unquestionably, some of the best journalistic reflections … Continue reading