#67 Creating Value in Negotiation

creating value: image of a phoenix

We negotiate because we want certain tangible interests satisfied. We may also need to talk through past events, or build a stronger working relationship. Additionally, there is another type of benefit to negotiation that can be a potential goldmine. It is the possibility of creating value that is not evident … Continue reading

#61 Ranking Options In Cases Of Confounded Interests

#61 Ranking Options In Cases Of Confounded Interests

This blog outlines a way of ranking options when each option satisfies a set of confounded interests in different ways. The method is described in The Manager as Negotiator by Lax and Sebenius. My advice is to apply it as an aid in decision-making, but not to be wedded to … Continue reading

#60 Intangible Interests – Why They Are Important And How To Identify Them

Photo of hand representing intangible interests

The interests of negotiators can be divided into substantive interests such as low cost, a strong product, or a flexible contract; and intangible interests, which tend to be more subjective and psychological in nature, such as an interest in honest communication.