#82 Enhance Collaboration with Low Advocacy Questions

Enhance Collaboration with Low Advocacy Questions

Much is made of the difference between open and closed questions in conflict resolution training, but there are additional ways of understanding questions that are highly relevant to being collaborative. The amount of advocacy included in your question is one of those understandings. When you ask an open question, is … Continue reading

#80 Adam Kahane on How to Collaborate with an Enemy

Adam Kahane on collaborating with an enemy

Adam Kahane has worked on some of the more challenging social problems that the world has faced in recent history, for example the dismantling of apartheid in South Africa, and building connections between the Government and drug cartels in Colombia. His voice is highly relevant because there are few others in … Continue reading

#55 Is Full Collaboration An Illusion?

#55 Is collaboration an illusion

In order to resolve a dispute, how much do you compete with the other party, treating him or her as an adversary? And, how much do you collaborate and work with him or her for your mutual benefit? Collaboration versus competition is a central quandary in dispute resolution.

#16 Avoid a Pitfall: Be Transparent About Your Decision-Making

  You might be a manager speaking to subordinates, a coach talking to players, or a respected older sibling being consulted. When you have different priorities than others who you have some influence or control over, how do you work out differences? In every case your approach will lie somewhere … Continue reading

#9 Five Questions that Test Your Ability to Be Collaborative

  Collaboration can be described as a style of conflict engagement that seeks cooperation with the other party and strives to generate outcomes that benefit both parties in a maximum and balanced manner.   Here is one of the frequent challenges presented by a conflict. How much do you compete … Continue reading