#35 Peaceweaving in Organizations – What It Means to Me

The title of Canadian mediator Ben Hoffman‘s new book is Peaceweaving.  I find the word ‘peaceweaving’ descriptive of work I sometimes do inside large organizations. Destructive conflict creates a hole in the organizational fabric and mediation between the parties is not enough to repair the hole. Peaceweaving entails working more broadly … Continue reading

#33 Use A Policy Of Joint Escalation To Shift Organizational Culture

  Regarding a joint escalation policy, there are two central aspects to what I mean. Firstly, conflict is generally held at the level where it originates in the organizational hierarchy. Secondly, if it is moved up the authority chain, it is done so in a collaborative manner. This blog further … Continue reading

#30 Organizational Life Through Four Lenses

One of my favourite frameworks for understanding organizational life is supplied by Bolman and Deal (2003) in Reframing Organizations. They articulate four lenses through which to view and understand organizations. Boleman and Deal capture each lens with a metaphor: Factory Family Temple Jungle   Factory Through the factory metaphor we … Continue reading