#11 Negotiating the Truth

  When people are in conflict they see things differently. They each have their own truth, but the two truths differ. Although this is a central feature of conflict, the mediation field has not addressed it very well. Some general approaches that are used in mediation include:   Assisting parties … Continue reading

#10 Why Victims are Attracted to Offenders

  You leave work and approach your car. Someone has tried to break in. You look around, but see no one. You feel angry and frustrated by the damage and inconvenience this will cause. You feel violated. Who was the person who did this? Why did he or she do … Continue reading

#9 Five Questions that Test Your Ability to Be Collaborative

  Collaboration can be described as a style of conflict engagement that seeks cooperation with the other party and strives to generate outcomes that benefit both parties in a maximum and balanced manner.   Here is one of the frequent challenges presented by a conflict. How much do you compete … Continue reading